Emerging Tech

Space Integration

Commercial Space operations in the U.S. can be traced to the first U.S.-licensed launch in 1989. In recent years, Commercial Space operations are experiencing unprecedented growth with record-breaking numbers of launch and reentry events (more than 375 launches since 1989). The United States historical return to crewed spaceflight (SpaceX/NASA-May 30, 2020) marks the beginning of the next "Space Race." There will be substantial economic and scientific impacts resulting from the resurgence of investment in this sector. The rapid increase in launch and reentry activity anticipated in future operations justifies a need for National Airspace System (NAS) automation, policy, and operational solutions. Cavan Solutions continues to advance operational integration of commercial space with a focus on establishing high-end engineering and operational support to determine technical details of automation capabilities, airspace management, and hazard/risk analysis.

Cavan Solutions key personnel have extensive experience with many aspects of major FAA commercial space programs and continue to participate in activities such as the Airspace Access Aviation Rule-making Committee (ARC) and the writing of the Commercial Space Integration in the NAS (CSINAS) concept. Cavan Solutions is uniquely equipped with the knowledge and experience required to address the myriad of integration challenges resulting from increased Commercial Space activity in, and through, the NAS.