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Quality solutions throughout the project life cycle

What We Do

Our expertise lies in combining broad operational understanding, business acumen, and engineering expertise of NAS systems and procedures.  We provide support across FAA domains, organizations, systems, and programs to ensure an overarching viewpoint that allows us “to connect the dots” from concepts to the field.

At Headquarters

Helping managers make calculated and informed decisions

Data Analytics

Operational Needs Assessment

Cost-Benefit & Return-on-Investment Analysis

Risk Identification, Analysis, & Mitigation

In the Lab

Researching and prototyping the technologies of tomorrow

Automation System Adaptation Development

System Development Technical Oversight

Modeling, Simulation, and Data Analytics

Aviation System R&D and Prototyping

In the Field

Successfully bring technologies into the field and supporting operations

Site Deployment & Field Testing

UAS Procedures and Operations in the NAS

Air Traffic Procedures Development

Automation System Adaptation Development

“Never interrupt someone doing something you said couldn’t be done.”
- Amelia Earhart


Cavan Reports Application
CavanReports is Cavan Solutions' innovative, cloud-based, operational data integration and analytics platform. CavanReports integrates NAS operational data with weather and aeronautical information to provide value-added metrics presented in interactive web applications built on a web services architecture.
RISE is a free web application driven by CavanReports. RISE's 15-minute updates focus on tactical deviations at KATL, KDEN, KDFW, KJFK, and KORD derived from our value-added metrics. RISE provides current Traffic Management Initiatives (TMIs), weather, and airport configuration information along with trajectory animation.

Case Studies


Cavan supports ATFM enhancement and system analysis for Traffic Flow Management System (TFMS), Time-Based Flow Management (TBFM), and Terminal Sequencing And Spacing (TSAS)


Cavan has a wide range of experience with Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in both DoD and civilian environments developing solutions for integrating large and small UAS (sUAS) into the NAS. ​


Cavan has extensive experience leading and supporting aviation wake turbulence research, data analysis, and procedures.​


Cavan has broad engineering and operational experience with System-Wide Information Management (SWIM) and SWIM Terminal Data Distribution System (STDDS)​


Cavan supports the FAA Urban Air Mobility activity with concept development, systems engineering, and operational expertise to integrate UAM operations into the NAS.


Cavan provided the FAA NextGen office with analysis, concept development, and gap evaluations associated with automation impacts to integrate UAS operations into the NAS.

Emerging Tech

Cavan Solutions, with its solid cadre of experienced principals, talented engineers, and top-notch ATC subject matter experts, is uniquely positioned to tackle the operational, technical, and procedural challenges facing the aviation community as new technologies emerge.