Case Study

Wake Turbulence


With new advanced technologies becoming a reality, there is a need to perform continued updates to NAS procedures for wake mitigation procedures.


Cavan Solutions provides direct NAS operational experience for wake mitigation by providing customer support in the form of Wake Turbulence science and ATC Subject Matter Experts who have direct knowledge of the NAS and a complete understanding of 7110.65. This allows the FAA’s Wake Research program to respond accurately on ATO requests for updates to current procedures and to develop new concepts. A specific example of this are updates to 7110.308c - a procedure allowing closely parallel runway operations in instrument meteorological conditions.

Cavan Solutions developed the analysis of RNAV only approaches for inclusion at SFO using wake database information. Cavan Solutions has also performed GBAS, ILS, and GPS approach analysis for simultaneous operations with closely spaced runway operations to increase capacity and potentially reduce environmental impacts.


Cavan Solutions knowledge and expertise allowed for the successful assessment of airport-specific instrument procedures allowing space-based navigation. The result of this analysis will be used to further inform the use of future technologies at congested airports. This satisfied a Nextgen Integration Working Group (NIWG) commitment for assessment of RNAV/RNAV approaches for SFO closely spaced runways.