Case Study



FAA’s System-Wide Information Management (SWIM) system and the SWIM Terminal Data Distribution System (STDDS) capability interface with systems across the NAS and provide real-time flight, surveillance, weather, and aeronautical data to users across the NAS.  SWIM and STDDS need to be meticulously managed to provide the level of service that producers, consumers, and program sponsors expect.


Cavan Solutions has supported the SWIM program since 2006 and the STDDS capability since 2010. Our engineers led the effort to develop the original SWIM federated service-oriented architecture and SWIM program requirements.

Through six major releases Cavan Solutions has provided the full range of program and systems engineering support to the STDDS program. Cavan has supported the entire software lifecycle of STDDS providing systems engineering, requirements development, configuration management, testing, deployment, and post-deployment support. Cavan engineers were leaders in the SWIM Visualization Tool (SVT) design, which provides surface situational awareness to traffic management units and is deployed at 17 FAA facilities.

Cavan Solutions additionally provides engineering support to two other SWIM capabilities: SWIM Flight Data Publication Service (SFDPS) and NAS Common Reference (NCR).


SWIM standardizes the connection between FAA data and consumers via standards, policies, and mechanisms for publishing and retrieving data, providing users a single source for multiple systems. STDDS publishes terminal NAS system data including surface, TRACON, departure, and weather to internal and external NAS consumers. STDDS data improves situational awareness and traffic prediction for airline operations centers, FAA traffic management units, and data integrators. The system today is a robust, secure, web-based platform providing easy access for users.