Emerging Tech

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) are experiencing unprecedented investment from industry fueling growth in research and development of UAS technologies and capabilities. The advancements produced from these investments are rapidly driving up demand for UAS operations for which the NAS was not designed. Some UAS operations are disruptive and will require unique solutions (e.g., UAS Traffic Management System (UTM), Upper Class E Traffic Management System (ETM)). There is also the consideration that leveraging current NAS systems, regulations, and policy can also allow effective management of many of the new entrant unmanned operations in the near term.

Cavan Solutions’ expertise lies in combining broad operational understanding with in-depth knowledge of NAS automation systems. We are focused on establishing high-end engineering support broadly across FAA domains, systems, and organizations to ensure an overarching viewpoint that allows us to "connect the dots" from concepts to the field and among NAS automation systems.  Cavan Solutions has already advanced UAS operational viability and recommended NAS enhancements with work spanning integration of large and small UAS (sUAS) into the NAS. As a trusted advisor in aviation with a commitment to quality and a mission statement focused on bringing the NAS into the future through systems integration, Cavan Solutions is uniquely equipped with the knowledge and experience required to address the myriad of impacts needed to address UAS operations at every level of the NAS. Cavan Solutions also ensures that solution delivery is serviceable and appropriate thanks to curated expertise in FAA-specific business processes from research to development, deployment, and sustainment.